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Once a cheater?
Posted By: Sooo Confused on: 10/23
Dating < 1 yr

He was at a party where an ex of his was that I know he wasn't totally over. There was drinking, and one thing led to another and he cheated. He's apologized and all that, and he says that this incident made him realize that he really is over her and that I'm the right one for him. To me this is a pretty extreme way to learn that you are really over your ex. Should I accept his apology or figure once a cheater always a cheater?

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Voters Comments:

WELL, I personally don't believe that statement because I think anyone can change, and that someone can make a one time they may always have issues being TEMPTED to cheat but I don't think that necessarily means he is doomed to cheat again. I know it hurts and it's a big thing to get past....but at least try once.....and what does the ex say about her part in it? Is she apologetic at all? Did she know he was taken? I'd say try to move past this incident but if it happens again, then it's more likely to happen even more. Good luck!

-Melinda 10/25

It sounds like this truly may have been an accident and that he did have to learn the hard way to get this woman out of his system. I've known people who pined over an ex for years and years without their partner knowing it. They didn't cheat, but in their hearts they kind of did. So at least this is a clean break.

-T 10/28

I could see giving him another chance, but make it very clear that this is a one time pass, not a free pass to cheat and be forgiven again and again.

-CountryGirl 10/28

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