Want to Get Married? Are You Ready for “The Ultimatum?”

wedding dayThe most popular questions that women ask on our relationship forum always center around when or if the man in their lives will marry them.  Many women tell us that they just want to honestly know if the constant promises that they will get married “some day” really means that they stand a chance of getting married or if it is merely code for “this marriage will never happen.”  A new reality show called The Ultimatum is looking for women and men who have reached the point where they are ready to say “marry me now or I’m moving on.”

Normally, I’m not one to recommend giving your guy an ultimatum, especially on television.  However, when I hear stories from women who tell us that they “wasted their youth” waiting for a man to marry them, I can’t help but think that giving an ultimatum would have been a better alternative.  So if you are near or at the point where you feel that your “best years” are being wasted waiting for marriage, then The Ultimatum may be able to help you to take that step and find out once and for all what your partner’s intentions about marriage really are.  Here is the official announcement from the casting directors:

Is Your Partner Unwilling To Commit To Marriage??? A New Reality Show Can Help You Walk Down The Aisle!

Have you always dreamed of hearing the words, “Will you marry me”, but you worry that day will never come? Does your boyfriend always say IF we get married rather than WHEN? Perhaps you have already started planning your dream wedding, but your man has yet to put a ring on your finger.

A new reality show for a major cable network called, THE ULTIMATUM (wt), will present an unsuspecting boyfriend or girlfriend with the ultimate ultimatum… MARRY ME OR LOSE ME FOREVER. Brendon Blincoe, President of Iconic Casting, explains “Producers are looking for women or men who are ready to walk down the aisle whether their partner is or not”. He continues, “far too often one person in the relationship is ready to say ‘I DO’, while the other half of the relationship has trouble taking that next step”.

If you are tired of waiting, then you can take matters in your own hands and email your name, contact info, write a paragraph about your relationship, attach a photo of you and your partner and email Casting Directors at theultimatum@iconiccasting.com

What do you think? Would you give a partner an ultimatum for marriage? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Marriage With No Engagement says:

    My sister has a man that she has a child with, hes 8 years old. This is their second time together. He said that he wants to marry her but that being engaged is a waste of time and from a mans viewpoint its only to buy more time to no get married. Then he said that he will only get married at the justice of peace and then they can plan a wedding later down the line. She has always wanted a dream wedding and he said that she sould be happy that he even wants to get married no matter how they do it. I dont know how to tell her that this time is for her to be happy and this is her day instead of believing these horrible crock of lies he is telling her. What do I tell her. ?????????

  2. oh lord says:

    Ive been with my guy 8 years we have a 6 year old child together.
    For the last 6 months he’s been saying we will Marry this year but theres no proposal no wedding set and we are in August.
    Im now exhusted with the weekly statement ”we will marry this year” and nothing happens so I pointed out if we dont we are over asking why hes saying it and no proper proposal,then I get silly excuses.
    He hasnt been given an ultimatum hes been told to stop messing with my head as he knows marriage is highly important to me.

    If you give an ultimatum you have to stick to it sadly thats harder said than done when you love someone.

  3. Hi Tina, if a girl had to give me an ultimatum I will not get married. It all boils down to being forced into a commitment I am not ready to make. So I think before you force someone into a marriage, rather just get out of the relationship. if you force someone, a divorce is in the pipeline.

    Have a stunning day.

  4. Alice X says:

    I think every relationship is different and requires different approaches to the subject but i don’t think it’s wise to give an ultimatum, you can’t force someone into marriage or it defeats the purpose. Perhaps if they haven’t got the same future goals the relationship needs more thought.

  5. I believe everyone and every situation is different. Whilst a specific person may warrant a reason to be given an ultimatum, another won’t. It also is time dependent. Perhaps at a younger age, being with someone for 5 years was acceptable, but later on in life, if being together that long without any direction isn’t working, well, I wouldn’t give my partner an ultimatum, I’d instead communicate my needs and if they are not understood or cannot be realised, then I will walk away. For me personally, giving someone an ultimatum, is almost as if you’re forcing them to be with you and I’d rather have someone make a decision to WANT to be with me, than “force” him to.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I’m not going to lie to ya. I sorta gave an ultimatum to Husband 7 years ago. Only at the time I didn’t realize it was an ultimatum. I thought I was just letting him know that if all that talk about wanting to marry me was for real, then he should ask me.

    I don’t think ultimatums are good, especially when tinged with resentment or anger. But, an honest, letting-him-know-how-you-feel moment may be called for if you’ve been together a while and you truly believe you are meant to be married (to that person).

    I’m going to have to check out that show. Have you watched the Marriage Ref? Pretty funny.

  7. Is it really a matter of giving an ultimatum or taking responsibility for our lives?

    Surely in this day and age women have an equal right to determine their own destiny?



  8. April says:

    If I ever get to that point rather than giving him an ultimatum I,d simply pack some bags and write a dear John letter saying,” I understand you dont want to get married honey, but I do so I need time alone to think and weigh my options. I think we need to break up since we obviosly have different goals in life. “One woman said she told her then boyfriend she could accept that he didnt want to get married and stayed with him, but started going out like a single woman spending her weekends away. He proposed in 2 weeks.

  9. Tired of Waiting says:

    I for one would give it a try. It sounds extreme, but really not much more extreme than what I’ve been trying to just get an honest answer once and for all.

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