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1. Do I need to register to use the site?

No, you are free to vote, comment on dilemmas and post you own dilemmas without registering.

2. How should I title my dilemma?

Try to use keywords within you title that best describe your problem. Some examples are "won't commit" or "cheating" these keywords will help those using our search feature to find your dilemma.

3. Can I see how others have voted?

After you place you vote you can scroll down to see the percentages of users that have voted "Luvem" or "Leavem"

4. How can I find dilemmas that interest me?

You can search by age, status of relationship, keywords and username.

5. How can I view comments about a dilemma I've submitted?

Find your dilemma using search by user name. All of the comments will be listed below your dilemma. You will receive an e-mail before your dilemma expires so that you can view the comments while your dilemma is still active.

6. How long will my dilemma stay posted?

Your dilemma will stay posted for 30 days. When a dilemma is getting ready to expire you will receive an e-mail notifying you of this.

If your question is not on list, then please e-mail it to:

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