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MasterDater’s Text Appeal – Review

Mike Masters of MikeTheMasterDater has written the ebook, Text Appeal, to provide tips and insights about how to successfully use texting while dating.  Not being someone who texts, I approached the book figuring that people who text would find the  tips useful, but that there wouldn’t be much for those who haven’t embraced texting.  When I finished the book, I was surprised to find that I understood why even non-texters would want to use texting to communicate in their relationships, and at the very least why they should understand the rules of texting when communicating.

I’m sure what you most want to know is what can I learn from this book, so lets get right to those points.

What Will I Learn From This Book?

Learn How to Communicate Through Texting – Mike makes the point that people tend to use texting the same way that they would use email to communicate.  Emails are longer than texts, so communicating through texting is a different process if you want to communicate well.  If you use Twitter, you know that some people can easily be funny, informative or interesting within the 140 character limit while others post mindless drivel.  Even intelligent people post things that no one wants to read because they haven’t altered their communication method to fit this medium.

Most people will not readily let you read through their texts, but if they did, you would find the same results.  Some people can effectively communicate using such a concise method and some people are total disasters.  Don’t be a disaster, learn how to effectively use texting to communicate.

Texting Rules- There are no “official” rules of texting, but there are definitely guidelines that you need to understand.  Over time, you will get better at texting as you follow Mike’s rules and tips.  The first and most  important step is to understand all the No No’s of texting that Mike lists, so that you don’t embarrass yourself or offend the other person as you learn to master texting.

Flirting Via Text- This was my favorite part of the book, because I hear from men and women all the time who tell me that they are no good at flirting.  When it comes to flirting in person, your success is very dependent upon having an outgoing personality.  Flirting in the early stages of a relationship when you’re still getting to know a person is an art that few people master.  With texting, you don’t have to worry about any of this.  You can flirt flawlessly via text with a few simple tips because you have time to craft your flirty reply rather than being under pressure to stammer out the first response that pops into your head.

But What If I Still Never Plan on Texting?

I’m sure that a few of you are still asking this, but the fact is that texting is gaining in popularity all the time.  Even if you are vehemently opposed to texting, you will likely find yourself dating someone who will send you texts.  Then what?  Well, you are going to need to read the book and learn the art of texting.  If you’re still not sure texting is for you, please read our post Can Technology Enhance Your Relationships? where we discuss a variety of situations where texting can be especially useful.

Can’t You Tell Me More About It?

Mike’s book is a fast read and is packed with tips, so I can’t tell you much else without revealing some of his texting secrets.  One additional thing that I can tell you is that Mike’s book is filled with some very entertaining stories real life stories about texting successes and failures that Mike has experienced.

Where Can I Get My Own Copy of Text Appeal?

Glad you asked, here is the link to watch Mike’s welcome video and to purchase Text Appeal.

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