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What if Choosing a Man Were Like Shopping For a Car?

During this holiday season we are in a fun and festive mood here at LuvemOrLeavem.  So just for fun, we’re going to take a look at what finding love would be like if we approached choosing a man the same way that we approach shopping for a car.  What items would make him appealing enough to drive off with, and which items would make you want to leave him back at the showroom?

Standard Features for Your Man

Just like a car has standard featured that are the bare minimum for what a car must have in order to run, there are also bare essentials that your man has to have in order to have any type of a meaningful relationship with him.  All cars need things like a transmission, an engine, brakes, and tires to meet the minimum requirements of a car that can get you from one place to another.  In searching for a man, he needs to have standard features like trustworthiness, loyalty and the ability to show love.  If these are not standard features in the man that you are evaluating, then just like car shopping, forget that model and see what is in the next row.

Appearance of Your Man

Are you looking for something sporty, rugged or perhaps something that is so shiny and sleek that it will turn heads?  Just like cars, many of us have a preferred look that we gravitate towards when choosing a man.  Of course over time, people and autos will not stay flawless and will accumulate a few dings.  If you place too much emphasis on appearance, you are likely to be disappointed in a few years and will be looking to “trade in” your current model for a new one.

Reliability Factors for Your Man

How important is reliability to you?  Can you be happy with 60 or 70 percent reliability, or do you need at least a 95 percent reliability rating to be happy?  Of course how we react to a car or a man when it is unreliable depends on two important factors:

  1. Your Personality- Are you the type of person who will find another way to get where you want to go if your car stops working?  Are you the type of person who will still head out to that party even if your man suddenly has to work late and can’t go with you?
  2. Understanding Your Priorities- There is a big difference between a car that breaks down in your driveway and one that leaves you stranded on the  side of the highway.  When it comes to men, there is a big difference between one that cancels on going to movie with you and one that cancels on taking you to your be friend’s wedding because his buddy got last minute tickets to a football game.

Annoyance Factors in Your Man

At first, a car that makes a clunking sound might not bother you.  This is similar to annoyance factors in a person, like  the tendency to be a slob.  These factors are often easy to overlook in the early days, but the real question is how you will feel about them over time.  Will that sound eventually blend into the background so that you don’t even notice it, or will it start to grate on your nerves to where you can’t even overlook it after you’ve turned up the volume on the radio?

Options to Consider When Choosing a Man

Options are the fun features in a car or a man, that make it special for you.  The importance of these little extras varies tremendously from woman to woman.  When shopping for a car,  it may be that a great sound system is more important to you than having a car with a sunroof.  When choosing a man, it may be that a great sense of humor is more important to you than a man who has a romantic nature.  Just like when choosing a car, if there are too many options on your “must have” list for a man, then you will find that your choices are very limited.

So, when choosing a man there are many similarities to the approach that we would take when selecting a car. Make sure you distinguish between items that are standard features and which ones are merely options, and choose them wisely.  If you can’t find the right one at the moment, then just keep looking.  Eventually the right deal will come your way.

What do you think? What standard featured and options are important when choosing a partner?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Thanks for reading, and I wish you all the best for the new year!

4 Responses to “What if Choosing a Man Were Like Shopping For a Car?”

  1. Tina, what an interesting post and question. I would love to see my wife answer this one… :)
    I think she is not that concerned about sporty and rugged looks, cos I am a ’61 model, and she a ’78, and I have picked up a few dings and scratches along the road. But I am still reliable and a comfy ride… so to speak. I do not plan to leave her stranded anywhere and if it does happen, it will only be because my engine has finally packed up for good. But even then she will be well provided for, and not left stranded next to a busy and dangerous highway.
    In the mean time I make sure I get all my services and maintenance on time, and she keeps me polished and fit to travel with. And I love every moment of that. hehe…

    My wish for you and yours Tina is a wonderful and merry Christmas, and if we do not chat again, a fabulous new year! Thanks for the loyal visits and interesting comments, it is great to know you on the web.

    Take care and be good.
    sexy legs and body´s last blog ..MY WISH FOR YOU- A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!My ComLuv Profile

  2. Troi

    Okay I can’t resist this one. If he’s just been traded in (divorced) and he insists it was all the driver’s (ex-wife’s) fault, look for a model with less mileage (baggage). Oh no….how long am I going to be sounding bitter for?! :-) Hey, love the analogy of men and cars–so creative!!!

  3. No matter how we look at it, a guy’s list will be very different than a woman’s.

    I like the car analogy. Seems appropriate for the time of year too.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Anne says:

    Since I have been married for so long, I haven’t really thought about what features I would want in a man. My husband seems to be a good model for me.

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