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Book Review Too Good To Leave To Bad To Stay

Too Good to Leave Too Bad to Stay by Mira Kirshenbaum is considered by many women to be the official guidebook on how to decide if you should leave your long term relationship or stay in it.  The main conversations on LuvemOrLeavem are centered around women who are at this crossroads in their relationship were they are focused on whether their next step will be staying and trying to improve their relationship or leaving and searching for a new relationship to provide them with what is missing in their current relationship.  So far, this book is the best one that I have found for women facing this stay or go dilemma.

This book is structured so that it poses a series of questions to help diagnose your relationship.   In order to receive the recommendation that you should stay in your current relationship, your relationship must successfully pass through 36 questions that act as filters to move you through an assessment of your relationship.  Although 36 filters may make it impossible to get a recommendation of “stay” you should keep in mind 2 things:

1. Some of the filters are very quick to get through because they are designed to rule out the unhealthiest of relationships, such as abuse

2. The focus of the filters is on helping you find long term happiness in a relationship, not on merely determining whether or not your relationship brings you happiness at the moment.

I especially like this book, because although Mira is a psychotherapist who does couples counseling, her book is not filled with complicated terms and fancy theories.  Instead, she bases her questions on situations that real couples commonly go through.  Her recommendations as to whether you should stay or go are based on couples that she has counseled and whether or not they reported that their decision of staying or leaving was the right one when she followed up with them years later.

I’m sure that will find this book will help you to understand more clearly if you are staying in your relationship because it is really to good to leave, or if you are just hanging on to it because you’ve decided that it is merely “good enough for now.”   You can learn more about this book or read over a hundred customer reviews by clicking  here.

Wishing you luck with your decision and lot of luv in your future,

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