Saying I Love You With Flowers

Flower Giving Tips, Rules and Guidelines

Flowers are one of the simplest gifts a person can give; yet that doesn’t mean they don’t come with their fair share of rules and guidelines. As with most gifts, there are appropriate times and places for flower gift giving, not to mention that certain occasions call for certain types of flowers.

It’s Always About the Thought

When it comes to giving flowers, the most important rule is the simplest: it’s the thought that counts. Each and every flower–believe it or not–has its own special meaning, but no matter what the occasion, which flowers are being given, or whom they are being given to, giving flowers is all about showing that you care.  No matter how society changes or which gifts are popular at the moment, flowers will always be a nice reminder for showing your soft spot.

Flowers Aren’t Only for Special Occasions

Too often, flowers are thought of only on romantic, special occasions such as; Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and weddings.  Instead of only thinking about flowers on these special days, don’t limit yourself and consider purchasing flowers for your special someone on a random Tuesday.

Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Flowers should always be selected with thought and care. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a bouquet of roses at the fanciest florist in the neighborhood; picking flowers along the side of the road is just as romantic.  But whatever you do, choose carefully. All flowers should be fresh and should not be completely opened.  This way they’ll last much longer.

Don’t Let Flowers Always Do the Talking

Yes, it’s true that there’s something unequivocally romantic about receiving flowers from a significant other, but if they’re constantly given as a means of apologizing, they’ll lose their luster. Fast. There are certainly cases where flowers can help to express a person’s feelings.  Maybe they say, “I love you” or “I’m so happy we’re together” but under no circumstances should they say, “I’m sorry, but this isn’t working” or “I’m sorry I cheated.” So if you’re only using flowers to show remorse, think again. You’re probably doing more harm than good.

Give Flowers Early and Often

Flowers may be small, but they can say a lot. Flowers are often given as symbols of someone’s affection, so if you’re hoping to make a good impression, especially on the romance front, don’t be afraid to give flowers early and often. Of course, an entire bouquet may be a little much on a first date, but a single rose or a single daisy can say a lot; they show that you care. Once you’ve established yourself as someone who gives flowers, try not to break the habit.

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