1. Do I need to register to use the site?

No, you are free to vote, comment on dilemmas and post you own dilemmas without registering.

2. How soon will my dilemma or comments appear?

Due to problems with spammers, all dilemmas and comments are reviewed by our moderators.  All postings usually appear within a few hours of post time, depending on what time they are posted.  If you subscribe to dilemma of the day, you will see all the recently approved love dilemmas that are on the site, otherwise, you will receive updates when comments are posted to your dilemma.

3. How should I title my dilemma?

Try to use keywords within you title that best describe your problem.  Some examples are “won’t commit” or “cheating” these keywords will help those using our search feature to find your dilemma.

4. Can I see how others have voted?

Scroll down to the bottom of the dilemma to see how many users voted “Luvem” or “Leavem”

5. How can I find dilemmas that interest me?

Use the search bar and they keywords that best fit your topic to find dilemmas that interest you.

6. How can I view comments about a dilemma I’ve submitted?

To keep up with comments on any specific dilemma, you can subscribe to comments by selecting that option below the comment box for that dilemma.   If it is a dilemma you have posted, then you can choose to be notified of comments when you submit your dilemma.
7. How long will my dilemma stay posted?

Your dilemma will remain on the site will still be viewable in our archives once voting and comments close.

Have a question not covered in our list?

Please submit it to us using the form on our contact page.